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About Group Remote Healing Sessions

Alex offers Group Remote Healing Sessions to nurture, support and bring healing to all aspects of one’s life.  This global service is offered remotely to anyone in the world and can assist you and your loved ones physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Many individuals also utilize the group remote sessions on a regular basis to accelerate their overall healing process.  You may register yourself, a loved one, or animal companion for a nominal fee of $25 per individual.  Offered on Fridays, as scheduled.

On the scheduled event date, starting in the morning, Alex will focus sending healing energies and prayers for ten (10) minutes to every recipient.  In addition to their ten minutes, as a participant of the group, every individual will continue to benefit in the general healing energies that Alex gives to all in that day’s group.  The recipient(s) need not do anything special.  Simply ‘know’ that you, your loved ones, and animal companions will receive these divine energies for a better, healthier and enlightening way of life!


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