Private Healing Sessions

Mastery of Energy Healing is a gentle non-invasive technique that will assist you or others in releasing dense physical, mental, and emotional energies, allowing the body to heal the cause. Alex will tap in to certain energy points where the negative energies are stored, releasing them and then bringing in the higher positive energies.  Many have received spontaneous healings from problems such as migraine headaches, backaches, heart disease, tumors and depression. Private sessions are available In-Person, over the Telephone, and Long-Distance through a photo.


alex_healing.jpgIn a visit with Alex, the client discusses their concerns and/or progress, then lays down, relaxing. Alex will tap in to certain energy points where the negative energies are stored, releasing them and then bringing in the higher positive energies. There is no touching involved in this process. Some people describe their experience as having a massage without the touching. They feel energized, clear, positive, and aches and pains, in most cases, are relieved or gone.


telephone_clip_art_image.gifPrivate one-on-one telephone healing sessions are also available. Alex offers telephone healing sessions so that individuals who live outside of Arizona may request a healing. These sessions are as effective as in person.


world_map_image.gifWhile Alex was in Heaven through a near-death experience, he learned that everything is energy, and everything is connected. We living beings, too, are connected in this energy, yet we emanate our own unique signature energy. Our name ‘is’ our signature energy. Alex is able to connect to the individual by their name or photo. One-third of Alex’s healing sessions are Long-Distance Healing Sessions; they are as powerful as in person. 

And, Alex provides healing services  Doggie_Fotolia_142043710_XS.jpgCat_Fotolia_161440520_XS.jpg
for our animal friends too.  Sessions can be done long-distance to assist any animal around the world.

How to Schedule a Private Session:

Healing sessions are 45-minutes in duration and cost $275 USD. The first step to scheduling a Private Healing Session with Alex is to fill out a Client Form.  Click the "Schedule a Private Session" button below, and once the form is completed, click the SUBMIT button.  (Photo upload is not required.)

Upon receipt of the Client Form, we will contact you to coordinate a time for your private healing session.  Our office answers emails and phone calls Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

To provide payment you are welcome to pay through the PayPal button below, or you can provide payment at the time of scheduling your session.

*Client identity and information is held with respect and complete confidentiality.



Healing sessions are 45-minutes in duration and cost $275 USD.

Listen and read about clients personal healing stories.

Alex wants his clients to know that no matter the situation,
there is always HopeHealing and sometimes even Miracles!

Sending you Light, Love and Healing Energies!