Mastery of Energy Healing Training Classes

class_participation.jpgI offer the Mastery of Energy Healing (M.E.H.) technique to the public. Everyone is born with the gift of healing, and I am here to remind you of the inherent gifts you hold. M.E.H. is a gentle, non-invasive process that is simple, fast, and effective. Anyone can learn this technique in a one-day class to assist themselves and others, in person or at a distance.
Students come from all walks of life, including artists, teachers, homemakers, nurses, doctors, athletes, and anyone interested in nurturing himself or herself so they may live their fullest potential.

I thank God for the gift of healing that was awakened within me, along with all of my life learning experiences, and I am committed to lecturing and teaching as many people as possible this simple yet effective technique. The message that I give to my clients and students is that we are here to have a happy, healthy, and loving life. That is my wish for them, and that is my wish for you!

In service,


“My own experience as a result of participating in Alex's M.E.H. Level I Training Course is that I am continuing to release beyond the course, on every level, any and all energies that are not of love, light and healing. What began as a five hour course has become a twenty-four hour, daily practice of releasing that which is no longer needed or desired for a peaceful life and replenished with love, light and healing energies.

Alex's techniques are both simple and profound. In all the years of being a student and practitioner in the art of healing, I feel most blessed to have connected with him and to be continually learning from the light he is. As a gifted healer, Alex is a man pure of heart and mind, with a joyful spirit. In and out of his training course, he brings “fun” to the practice of loving and healing.

I excitedly welcome each day, opportunities to practice the M.E.H. techniques I learned in his training course, for my own on-going healing as well as sharing with others.....clients, family and friends alike....... the love, light and healing available to all of us so we may lead a more peaceful, healthy, harmonious and joyous life.

Thank you Alex from the depths of my heart and soul.”

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