Healing Prayer Requests

Alex offers Healing Prayer Requests for anyone who wants healing in his or her life.  Due to the large number of requests for private healing sessions, he offers Healing Prayers at a distance.  This service is for anyone who is wanting spiritual, physical, emotional or mental healing.  Additionally, people are utilizing healing prayers to regurlary nurture and balance their healing process on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  Individuals may request healing for themselves or a loved one or animal companion for a nominal fee of $25 per request.  After we receive a request, Alex sends healing prayers and energies to the recipient(s) the week they schedule it for.

How Healing Prayers Work:

healing_hands_of_light_around_world.jpgHealing prayers can be sent to anyone in the world.  In the past ten years, Alex has performed over 7,000 private healing sessions.  By the request of individuals for themselves or their loved ones, nearly one-third of these sessions have been long distance through a name or photo.  Positive results from Alex's distant healing sessions are as frequent as his in-person and telephone sessions.  Distant healing is possible because we are all interconnected by one all-encompassing life force energy.  For Alex, the recipient's full name is their unique 'signature' or 'frequency' that enables him to send Light, Love and Healing energies directly to them.  Many have benefitted from this service.  Scroll down to read a few of their healing stories.

Alex's Clients Report Benefits:

Physical ailments due to cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, tumors, migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, back pain and much more have been relieved or dissipated, as well as Emotional and Mental challenges including depression, grief, anger, addictions, low self-esteem, fears, unworthiness, negative thought patterns, anxiety and abuse.  Healing at a distance is as powerful as in person.  The healing energy does not discriminate one's age, heritage, nationality, sexual orientation, religious or philosophical beliefs.  The source of the healing energies comes from Light and our true essence, which is Love.  And with love, all things are possible!

How to Schedule a Healing Prayer Request:

With_Love_all_things_are_possible_WEB_Fotolia_80656925_L.jpegIf you or a loved one are wanting spiritual, physical, mental or emotional healing and want to schedule a Healing Prayer Request, please scroll down and click on the link of the date(s) of your preference.  Each link is an individual 'event' so if you would like healing on multiple dates, you will need to click on those links and go through the registration process individually.  Information you will be asked for are:

  • First and last name of the recipient(s)
  • City, state/province and country where they currently reside (home, hospital, etc.)
  • Brief description of the symptoms or situation requesting healing

Please note that a photo is not required for this service.  The individual who is requesting the healing prayers is asked to read and agree to our Terms of Service.  Payment can be done via Pay Pal or credit card (simply follow the prompts) and it is non-refundable.  As mentioned above, Alex sends healing prayers and energies to every recipient the week they scheduled it for.

Alex reminds his clients and students that healing is between the individual and God, that we ALL are children of God and You are loved very much!

Sending you and your loved ones Light, Love and Healing energies!

*This service is available via online registration and payment only.
**Information provided is held with respect and complete confidentiality.

What People Are Saying:

“In November, 2008, my dad was unexpectedly diagnosed with a blockage in his heart. A team of expert doctors did a stress test on my dad, which he failed showing two areas of his heart were blocked. He needed to have an angiogram and open-heart surgery immediately. The family and myself were frantic and feared the worst. Alex Hermosillo came to my mind because he had healed both my mother and myself before. I telephoned the Mastery of Energy Healing center in Phoenix, AZ, and after I emailed dad’s picture, Alex took it and sent him healing prayers and energies. The next day when dad was in surgery the heart specialists discovered, mysteriously, that nothing was wrong with his heart. The doctors were in disbelief as were we. Without explanation for how or why, everyone agreed it was nothing short of a miracle! I know that the blockages disappeared because of the healing energies that Alex Hermosillo sent, as well as by the grace of God and all the angels dad has!”
“2/19/15: "Dear Alex, I'm desparate for help and I hope to be able to meet you one day for relief. I have dark depression, PTSD and no family. I try to eat better, force myself to walk and the suicidal thoughts are awful. Is there anything you can suggest for someone like me going through this until I can afford to do a healing session? I have been on Social Security Disability unemployed due to this for many years. I'm a 43 year-old female in Reno, NV, and I'm scared. I do not want to have my life end because of this struggle. I'm in constant fear of being homeless and no help. Thank you for your time." ~Audry
2/26/15: "Blessings Audry, Thank you for your heartfelt email. I gave your healing request to Alex, and he sent you healing energies yesterday 2/25/15 so that you may move forward in your life with peace, love and grace. This is a service he provided to you with love from his heart." ~The Support Staff, MEH
2/26/15: "Thank you for this message! Please tell Alex THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! This is so very interesting because both yesterday and today, I felt an unexplained feeling of calmness, and I noticed back pain that I have suffered with for years seems to have left me! I had no idea if I had done something differently, ate differently or what. Then today, you emailed me. I KNOW IT WAS ALEX NOW!!! I understand how busy he must be, so I'm so grateful for your time and his time. Thank you so very much!”

Request a Healing Prayer for Yourself or Loved One

By clicking on the blue link below, you will be redirected to our Events Calendar. Then, look for "HEALING PRAYER REQUESTS." Click on the date(s) that you would like to schedule a healing prayer.  Remember, each link is an individual 'event' so if you would like healing on multiple dates, you will need to click on those links and go through the registration process each time.

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Listen to and read about other clients personal healing stories.