“I heard about Alex Hermosillo at Unity of Divine Love Spiritual Center in Chandler. My 18-month-old son, Leo, had been diagnosed with a testicular tumor and his blood tests revealed markers for cancer. The specialist said the type of cancer they suspected he had tends to spread quickly, so we had to do surgery immediately to remove the testicle. We called Alex who graciously agreed to do a 'Long-Distance Healing' on Leo during the time he was in surgery. Although I was a bit skeptical at first, just knowing that Mr. Hermosillo would be doing the healing gave me great peace while he was in surgery. Leo came through the surgery with flying colors and was able to come home immediately afterward. Days later, we received the astounding results from the lab that there had been absolutely no cancer cells present in the testicular tumor. The oncologist, not believing the results, had the sample sent to a special lab conference for ‘difficult to diagnose tumors’. Again the results came back with no dead or alive cancer cells present. The doctor had no explanation and literally said that sometimes miracles happen that cannot be explained by the field of medicine. I believe that miracle was the healing preformed by Alex Hermosillo, and I am eternally grateful. To this day, Leo is cancer and tumor free with no need for any chemotherapy or radiation treatments.”