“In 2007, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I had surgery, chemo and was on the road to recovery. In February 2008, I went to the dentist because my mouth would not heal after the chemo. He sent me to an implant specialist who took X rays and said the bone in my upper jaw was shrinking causing the implants to loosen. When I returned home, my sister told me about Alex, and I made the call to his office. After one private session with him, all mouth sores were gone and the implants were tight. I went back to the specialist and after his second exam said “ If I hadn’t taken the X rays myself I wouldn’t believe that you are the same person who came to me two weeks ago. Whatever you did, keep it up, you don’t need me.”

In October 2008, I went for my yearly check up. My surgeon, who is the chief of staff at the Breast Center at my local hospital, ordered a mammogram. The results were a tumor on the right breast. They also saw a lot of scar tissue from the reconstruction surgery that had occurred after the first round of breast cancer in 2007. I saw Alex for a healing , and then returned to my surgeon where he examined me. He couldn’t find the tumor, so he ordered an ultrasound and MRI. The results were that the tumor and the scar tissue were gone. My Dr. wished me well with instructions for a follow up visit next year. Alex is not only my dear friend but also my teacher, and he and his office staff have become very dear friends.”