(Maria helps two friends within a week of taking her first class.)

“I traveled from Florida to Arizona to attend Alex’s Level 1 Mastery of Energy Healing class. At the end of class, Alex told us to go home and practice the healing technique because the more we practice, the more our healing abilities will strengthen.

After I returned home, the next week I saw a friend of mine who had been dealing with severe arthritis. The pain was bad for her, she said she found it difficult to walk any more and wasn’t able to clean her house for quite some time. I told her maybe I could help. So I did the release technique Alex taught us in class and released the energy of arthritis from her. Then I sent her healing energy for half an hour. When I was done, my friend was able to move her feet with no problem and she could walk! I was so surprised that it worked! Now she even says she feels so good she is able to clean her house!

Then, a few days later, I saw another friend who was feeling depressed. I thought maybe I could give her some energy. Again, like I did for my other friend, I sent healing energy for half an hour. When I was done she said, “Oh my God! I feel better!” Alex says that our pain and suffering is due to the lack of light, so all I did was send my friend light, and she felt better.

I’m so glad and excited about being able to help my friends! ”