Joan helps a friend in healing stomach problems.

“As a Healer, I am interested in studying new modalities. So, when I saw Alex's flyer, and met him in person, I decided to go forth and experience another new technique by taking his classes. A week later, while on a business trip, a friend had fallen ill with stomach problems and other symptoms. So, I asked if she would allow me to do some energy healing on her right there in my hotel room. I began with my own routine, when suddenly I realized here was my opportunity to incorporate my newly learned skill of Mastery of Energy Healing. Almost immediately, my "patient" began to release and in no more than 15 minutes, she opened her eyes, sat up, and said, "You know, the pain is gone, and I'm fine." I kept an eye on her all through the day, and she indeed was fine. Days later, she phoned, so I asked her how she was feeling. She answered me the same way, "I'm just fine."

I was thrilled to have helped her of course, but also I was very impressed with the results and the speed of this MEH technique, and to have found it. Alex, thank you for walking your path and sharing all of this with us. You are a positive forceā€¦ much love to you!”