Operating room nurse using the MEH healing technique.

“Alex Hermosillo's Mastery of Energy Healing classes have transformed my life and the lives of many of my surgical patients. As an operating room nurse, I have had the opportunity to send love, light, and healing to many of my surgical patients with many receiving miraculous results.

My first experience with Alex Hermosillo's energy healing was with my uncle Harold who had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Harold had developed a plum sized mass on the left side of his neck. The mass was clearly visible and his doctors had scheduled him to start chemotherapy the next morning. After giving my uncle a simple explanation of energy healing, I suggested to his daughters to sit beside him and visualize love and light around their dad as I performed the healing. The entire process lasted about 30 to 40 minutes. Afterwards, we sat and chatted about the niceties of life. Shorty thereafter, I left the hospital with a warm and loving feeling. The next morning the doctors came in to "round" on my uncle. They were completely amazed when they examined my uncle's neck and found the tumor had shrunk to pea size. More tests were performed, and later the next day, the final diagnosis came back as Valley Fever rather than Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Chemotherapy, surgery, and many months of painful cancer treatment were avoided. After receiving treatment for his Valley Fever, my uncle is now healthy, happy and back to laughing, joking, and enjoying his life.

My next energy healing was performed while working in the operating room. One of my patients had been diagnosed with an egg-sized cancerous tumor in her colon. After reviewing her history, I encouraged my patient to relax and told her that I was going to be sending her love, light, and healing energy before, during, and after her surgical procedure. I also told her to think, feel, and know that all was well, and that her surgery would go perfectly just as planned. My patient was taken to the operating room, put to sleep, and prepped and draped for surgery. Initially the surgeon looked at the patient's bowel through a colonoscope. The surgeon searched for the tumor for over 10 minutes and couldn't find the mass. Then he decided to reposition the patient from her back to her stomach to see if the mass could be visualized in the prone position. The CT scan clearly showed my patient’s mass; however, no evidence of the cancerous tumor could be found. A very tiny piece of tissue was removed to be sent to pathology for testing. The patient emerged from anesthesia and was taken to the recovery room where she was told that the cancerous tumor was completely gone.

My next experience in the operating room using energy healing was with a 72 year old woman who had a diagnosis of cancer of the pancreas. Prior to going to the operating room, I talked with my patient and performed an energy healing as I had done before. I told her to visualize a white healing light infusing every cell of her body, and that I would be sending her love, light, and healing throughout the surgical procedure. She thanked me, and soon afterwards, the surgical procedure to remove the cancerous section of her pancreas had begun. The surgeon took a biopsy of my patient's pancreas and sent the tissue to the frozen section lab to confirm the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. The pathologist seemed to have the specimen much longer than was customary. The phone rang, and I received the diagnosis that the pancreatic tissue that was sent to pathology was in fact positive for malignancy or cancer. I felt confused as this was the first time I had done an energy healing on a patient that did not work. A few minutes later, I received a phone call from the pathologist who said she was not comfortable with the results of the frozen section, and she was going to call one of her colleagues for confirmation of her findings. She suggested that the surgeon not proceed with the procedure until after she consulted with the chief pathologist. After about 15 minutes, the phone rang and the pathologist said that there had been a mistake, and the pancreatic tissue was in fact negative for cancer.

In 33 years of OR nursing, I have never seen a pathologist change their diagnosis from positive to negative.”