Having participated in energy healing classes for ten years, Barbara shares her personal experience with Alex and his staff attending her first MEH Level 1 class. 

“Dear Alex and Team,‬

‪I wish to you let you know how much I enjoyed attending MEH Level 1 class last week in Tucson, AZ.‬

‪It was an amazing class that was made more powerful because of the love and support exhibited by yourself and every staff member in attendance. I attended a number of energy classes over the past ten years, and never have I experienced such an outpouring of love from the instructor and staff to the students. Even more amazing was the response of the students to the technique in that every student "got it" and was easily able to facilitate a healing for their partner.

‪Some staff was partnered with students (which is unusual) and other staff circulated among students offering love and support to those who had overwhelming reactions to the technique. We students could feel we were in a sacred space that was full of love, and we were safe to "let go and let God."‬

‪You are Love, Light, and Healing, and it pours in streams from you into every person in your presence.‬

‪Thank God for you and your gift. Thank God more that you have the ability to share this simple technique with humanity in a very understandable and tangible way that we all can immediately experience and share.

‪May God continue to bless you, ‬

‪Warm regards,‬”