Read about Adele, who used the wisdom from Alex's Level 2 class, to assist a severly burned 18 month old boy.

“One bright Monday morning, I stepped into my chiropractic office to find my doctor sitting at the front desk looking pale, white, and very worried. I asked what the matter was, and he proceeded to describe a dramatic and unfortunate scene to me. His wife and children had traveled to Canada to visit her parents. While her father was cooking dinner, their two little children (ages 4 years and 18 months old) were playing and having a good time. As grandpa walked from the stove to the sink to drain the hot boiling water from the potatoes, the 18 month old boy ran into the kitchen, stumbled in front of grandpa, and boiling water splashed all over the boy’s neck, down his arm, and onto his ribcage. The burn was so severe that as his skin peeled off his body when they removed his shirt. They were unable to take the boy to a hospital due to the different medical system there in Canada.

I reminded my doctor that his son was a very active, strong, and healthy young man, and that I would pray for him and send him healing energy.

I had just completed the Mastery of Energy Healing Level 2 class the day before. So that evening, I sat down, centered myself, and invoked the Blessed Mother, Jesus, and the Angels for their help and guidance. I began visualizing the little boy’s burned side and started removing all negative energies from him: pain, shock, any infections that might be present, and memory of the accident happening. Next, I started sending to him the positive energies: love, peace, healing light, and the white light. In my mind, I saw a rainbow of colors entering his crown chakra (top of his head), down his neck, and then onto his right side where he was burnt. I did this for three evenings, each session lasting about thirty minutes.

The following Monday, I returned to the doctor’s office for my appointment. The doctor informed me that he had flown to Canada to be with the family, and when they returned to Phoenix, they took their boy straight to the burn unit. The doctors there at the center were amazed that the skin had already started to heal and there was NO skin grafts needed. All the doctors there could say was to keep the area clean and the boy would be fine. As of today, this child has no scars, the pigmentation is healthy, and he is a happy boy. My doctor’s comment to me was, “However you pray, thank you so much for helping him.” Today, everyone is still shocked and amazed with how this little boy healed so quickly.”