Joe helps a neighbor's relative in healing of severe back pain.

“Alex, I want to tell you how much the Mastery of Energy Healing classes have helped me serve others in my life. A little while back, my neighbors came over to my house, and I told them about you and the MEH classes I attended. A few months later, they came to my door with a relative who was dealing with severe back pain. She was going to have a nerve stimulator surgically implanted in her spine so she could be more mobile in walking and squatting. She explained that, oftentimes, her legs would lock up on her. They all asked if I could help her. I said I would do my best.

She had never had an energy healing before, so I explained what I was going to do to help her feel more comfortable and informed. I began with the release technique that you showed to us in class to help relieve negative energies that were not nurturing to her mind, body and spirit. At that point, I sensed grief from what I thought was her husband; I felt he had a lot of anger in him. When I asked her about that, she confirmed that her husband who had passed away two years prior was indeed an angry man. That was a validation for me, so I continued to assist her in releasing the energies of anger that had been projected to her by her husband. When I felt the anger energies were released, I began to send her nurturing healing energies for twenty minutes. When I was done, she easily jumped off the massage table and started doing squats! At first I didn’t know what she was doing, but then I realized she was testing out her legs! She said that the pain she had been experiencing was nearly gone. She walked away very happy. It was about a week later when I called to see how she was doing, and she said, “Very well!” She explained that she was no longer going to have the surgery. I think she was feeling so much better that when I offered to do a distant healing for her, she said she really didn’t need it. Wow!

Alex, thank you for sharing your gift with others so people like myself can help those in need. I will continue to share your story to give others hope and healing, so they, too, may live with the same opportunities and gifts that you have given me.”