“I attended one of Alex’s talks about his personal journey as a healer. That morning, I received notice that my 37-year old niece, Jessi (a wife and mother of four children), who had been admitted 60 days earlier into the hospital with flu-like symptoms, ended up in ICU on life-support. I was told that her doctors had given up hope and suggested that the family turn off life support.

I shared my story and concerns with Alex and the attendees that day. Alex turned to the class and asked if they would be willing to send healing energies long distance to my niece. Everyone graciously agreed. Alex then guided us all through a meditation, gathering healing energy and then channeling it to Jessi, from Arizona to Colorado.  I’ve always believed in the power of prayer and positive energy, but this was miraculous!  Just 48 hours later, she was doing so much better that she started physical therapy AND she got to go outside for the first time in 60 days! 

As of writing this, Jessi is doing so well that she is going to be released to continue her healing process at home with her family.  Our group healing was like a power boost for Jessi, and I truly believe that the healing led by Alex crushed any negativity… to a place of empowerment, peace, and acceptance of prayers and healing, so she could move to her next phase of recovery!”