“I had many ailments and was unhappy with the medical outcomes and pills the medical professionals gave me. I was experiencing numbness, tingling, loss of feeling in my legs, burning in my feet, neck pain, and balance issues where I would suddenly fall without warning. I knew there was more to life than just existing in pain. Reading all of the healing testimonials by Alex’s other clients gave me so much hope!

For my first visit to see Alex, I was 45 minutes late for my appointment. I was so stressed. Alex walked in and said, “Hi!” and shook my hand. It was like the stress evaporated from my body. I was having balance issues and during my first session; I heard a popping sound around my head. It sounded like when you pop bubble wrap. Then, I experienced what felt like warm fluid flowing from my left shoulder to my fingertips. It was so amazing and very relaxing.

The next time I saw Alex, I did not have any profound feelings as the first time, but I can say that I no longer have burning, tingling, or balance issues. I also have more energy. I feel like I have a new life!

I am so grateful for Alex's compassion, healing energy, kindness, and love for helping others. I am thankful that God has given him this gift of light, love and healing energy. ”