“In the fall of 2013, I was experiencing the same level of pain as my heart attack in 2011 – relentless back pain. After a visit to the ER, it turned out to be a kidney stone. The x-rays clearly showed a 6 mm stone lodged in the left kidney. I was scheduled for surgery and the pain subsided over the next few days.

I shared this story during a phone conversation with Amy, and I asked her and Alex to send white light and healing energy long-distance to me. When the time came to prepare for surgery, a follow up x-ray was taken to confirm the location of the stone for the surgeon’s examination. To his surprise (and mine), the stone was completely gone and I was sent home. I am sure that the Alex’s intervention played a role in my recovery.

Since that time, I have had the opportunity to discuss how Alex visualizes the healing process, and the pain that he sees is often a darkening of the white light that emanates from us all. His healing is much like a photo editing smearing tool or eraser, dissipating the darkness and replacing it with white light. Thank you for your gift of healing energy.

With gratitude,
Stephen K.”