“Alex Hermosillo helped heal my brother of an aggressive and deadly form of Alzheimer's.  I feel that Alex saved my beloved brother's life!  Alex accomplished this healing remotely from a distance of 1,600 miles and without my brother's conscious knowledge (Alex works with the soul). 

My brother had been experiencing hallucinations, confusion, memory loss, deep depression and loss of balance.  After some very extensive medical testing, the results revealed a terminal condition.  I wanted so much to help him, but was told there was no hope.  Divine Order led me to Alex!

Alex conducted several long distance healing sessions on my brother, one per week for perhaps 6-7 weeks.  Almost immediately, a noticeable health improvement occurred.  After about the third session, my brother told me this:  "I feel like I am healing.”   Then the frequency of Alex's sessions were changed to every other week for a short period of time.  Today, my brother is healthy and very, very happy.  He doesn't know how he healed, but attributes his much improved health to the power of prayer, watching his diet and walking on the treadmill. 

I ABSOLUTELY KNOW, as do other family members, that Alex healed him!  I am so very thankful for Alex's help!”