“Not long ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. It was during this period that I first met Alex. I had previously read from the Mastery of Energy Healing web site about the type of emotional and physiological healing that Alex provides.

I went to his office, and while I was speaking to Alex, he was focused on me quite intensely. Then, I began noticing a significant warmth initially from my central chest area and then warming up and expanding out in all directions. After that, he had me lay down on a padded table (similar to a massage table).

While relaxing music played in the background, he began his work. During the process I began feeling what can only be described as a warm flow starting from my head going down through my torso and through my legs. At first, I wondered if I might be imagining this, but as the flow became stronger there was no denying that something physical was occurring within me.

Shortly thereafter, I went to the hospital for my surgery. When the surgeon opened me up, he was amazed at what he found. The doctors were further amazed that after my surgery, from my throat area to the back of my ear, I had experienced no pain whatsoever while I was in the recovery room! I still have not taken any pain medication. ”

Listen to Rick's story, from the Happy Healer radio show.