“The story below is a true story of a 27 year old woman who asked herself, "Why me?".

Monica's breasts were severely infected with cysts for the past 14 years. So many cysts in fact, they were not able to count them. Some were small while others were over an inch in diameter. At times, the pain was so severe, Monica had thoughts of cutting them out herself with a knife. The doctors' were not able to provide a treatment for the cysts or to eliminate the severe pain.

In addition, Monica has experienced depression, migraine headaches and irritable bowel syndrome that prevented her from getting adequate sleep or rest. Life was a great struggle for Monica, and she prayed at bedtime for the pain to be gone. She believed the only way to stop the pain was to have her breasts removed, and then one day...”

Listen to Monica's story, from the Happy Healer radio show.