“In May, 2014, after suffering 23 years of excruciating migraine headaches, I saw Alex, and now they are gone. In 1991, a car accident left me with debilitating migraines. From then until my visit with Alex, I suffered with the headaches at least once a month and sometimes more often. With each migraine, I was in bed for a minimum of three days, and often longer, with intense severe pain causing vomiting.

From 1991 until my session with Alex, I tried everything imaginable to cure the headaches—allopathic and holistic. I was seen by the head of neurology at our local University Medical Center, by herbalists, acupuncturists, etc., etc. The pain medications I was given made me feel sick and seemed to just prolong the pain, so I stopped taking them and just suffered through the pain. After years of unsuccessful internal and external efforts to find cures and to cure myself, I had reached a point where I didn’t know how I could continue living with these recurring bouts of such excruciating pain.

Then I was emailed a video of a healing session with Alex. Immediately, while viewing the video I “knew” that I needed to have a session with Alex (even though I had given up seeing any healers years ago). I arrived at his office with the beginnings of a migraine. In the past, if a migraine started, there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it from coming. By the time I left Alex’s 45-minute session, I was feeling light and happy…with no sign of a migraine. Alex said he felt that 60% of the energy had cleared and asked me to come back the next week for one additional session to clear the rest. I came back, and I’ve been migraine free for 9 months now. I can’t even begin to express my elation and gratitude for this miraculous healing…it’s a life-changer. I’m sure my own personal efforts at clearing the pattern was an important part, but I know that Alex’s energy is what finally allowed me to heal. He is the real deal.”