“On December 5, 2006, I came to Alex Hermosillo's office because of chronic pain in my feet. My feet had been hurting for over two years. I came in hoping and wanting to believe that he could help heal the pain. I had tried everything and nothing was working. My doctors were telling me that I would have to learn to live with it. Walking was a struggle everyday. When Alex asked me why I came to him, I told him I didn't want to tell him. I wanted him to heal me without him knowing where I was hurting. During my session, I could feel the pain being taken from my feet. When the session concluded the pain was 85% gone. I could stand without pain shooting up through my legs. The next morning the pain was 100% gone. I was walking with a new spring in my step and pain free after more than 2 years. It is now February 2007 and I am still pain free.”