“I can not thank you enough for giving me the knowledge and energy healing sessions that have allowed my body to be healed. I am a retired General Motors executive that has been spending his retirement years fighting an extreme bladder condition caused from a prostate gland being enlarged. Recently, I (the insurance company) spent over $42,000.00 at the Mayo Clinic only to come to the conclusion that surgery was the only way to relieve my problem. Wrong...then I met you and during a recent "healing session" with you, I was completely healed. When you placed your hands over my bladder, a powerful tingling feeling occurred and in that 2 1/2 minutes I knew something marvelous had happened to my body. The pain is gone and my body is now functioning as God intended to do. I will always be thankful for your teaching me to release the bad (anger, hate, forgiveness of self) and accept the light (love, ability to forgive) into my body and soul for this is the secret of healing. You, through your humbleness, kindness and concern for others, made me understand the truth to a happy healthy life for which I will always be grateful.”