“Email Request 11/27/05:

“I need your help with a friend of mine that has been hospitalized. Has been diagnosed with cancer of the lung, cirrhoses of the liver and hepatitis B. Just had surgery 3 days ago to remove a portion of one lung. Is now in critical condition as he is going through alcohol withdrawal, has pneumonia and various problems. Please join me in sending Love and Blessings and Healing Energies and lots of prayers. If anyone can help him, you can!! Thank you.” ~Debbie, on behalf of Ed

Alex’s Reply 11/29/05:

Debbie, Thank you for emailing me a request for healing for your friend. When I sent him the healing energies, I could feel a great draw flowing out of me towards him, so I know the healing was well received. Keep me updated on his condition, and if you need any more help. In service, Alex

Email Response from Debbie 3 days later 11/30/05:

Hello Alex, I just wanted to let you know of the miracle that has happened, but of course you knew it would. Ed has been released from the hospital and is home today. That is a miracle!!! Again, Thank you!!!!”

Listen to Debbie share Ed's story, from the Happy Healer radio show.