"My dog, Chloe, led me to Alex!  Chloe__Celestes_WebPrint.jpg

I was playing with Chloe when I found a large tumor in the center of her chest. I was hesitant about bringing her to the vet to have it “surgically” removed and wanted to try something new and non-invasive.

I remember seeing Alex and his remarkable healing stories highlighted on the evening News, so I contacted his office. Alex was incredible. The healing energy helped Chloe’s tumor and created a new spark to her sweet and loving but shy personality. It was priceless.

Alex taught me techniques I could use to continue to help Chloe, and to my surprise – myself! I learned how I could take my energy and my life to a whole new level (from really good, to great, to amazing). I use Alex’s techniques every day to clear and replenish my energy.

In 2009, my younger brother died. The shock and grief was unimaginable, and I used what I learned from Alex to heal. Now, I’m able to help others. Alex is a humble, beautiful, pure, and gentle soul with an amazing gift. I have never met anyone spiritually that works and lives at this high, high level. Beautiful."

Celeste Bumpus - Author, Life Balance Expert