Alex's CD:

Meditation to Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit  
(I Now Release, I Now Bring In)

INR-CD_REMIX_2015_Front_Cover_300dpi.jpgThis is a guided meditation that awakens your subconscious mind assisting you in releasing negative energies, thought patterns, emotions and memories that create confusion, doubts, fears, unworthiness, and even disease. Then, we bring in the positive energies that allows your intuition (that we "ALL" are born with!) to make the choices in our life that will bring to us, quickly, all of our heart's desires!
*(The same guided healing meditation as 'I Now Release, I Now Bring In', beautifully remastered, plus a new look!  Release date: September, 2015!)

CD $16.95 (+tax&shipping) / MP3 $9.99 

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“Dear Alex, thank you for making a difference in my life. I feel very lucky to have found you in the radio archives. My heart has been deeply touched and opened with such softness by your powerful loving energy. It's just beautiful. And thank you for creating your incredibly powerful CD. To me, it's the best thing I ever bought for myself. I almost can't believe that I'm now able to totally cleanse my whole being and then fill up to the brim with love, power, beauty and joy, every day and at any time. It's so easy, very joyful and really powerful. And wow...the heart-power of that music is something else! I know that all of this is bringing me into a much happier and more loving way of being in the world with myself and with others. I also have a sister who has become open to using your CD, and she is also bowled over by the incredibly loving healing power it holds, and opens up in us. Thank you forever.”
“I have used the I NOW RELEASE, I NOW BRING IN" CD since December 14, 2006. I use it once a day, and I just want to say that this is an incredible tool to release the old sludge and garbage that fills our lives, stopping us from spiritual evolution. I highly recommend this CD because it is a fantastic tool for healing old wounds and moving on to experience joy and peace in our lives!”