“Choose to surround yourself with people, music, books and events that nurture your heart, for it is the gateway to living heaven on earth.” 
~Amy LaLicata, RainbowLight Creations


Mastery of Energy Healing Products

Alex's CD, Meditation to Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit
(I Now Release, I Now Bring In!)

INR-CD_REMIX_2015_Front_Cover_300dpi.jpgThis is a guided meditation that awakens your subconscious mind assisting you in releasing negative energies, thoughts, emotions and memories that create confusion, doubts, fears, unworthiness and even disease. Then, we bring in the positive energies that allows your intuition (that we "ALL" are born with!) to make the choices in our life that will bring to us, quickly, all of our heart's desires! Learn more...

Alex's book, A True Story of HOPE, HEALING & MIRACLES


Alex's book is available to order online now! You may also download a sample chapter from the book. Learn more...

"You are a being of Light- Love is what created you-  and Healing sustains you on Earth."  ~Alex J. Hermosillo

Experience Light, Love & Healing...get your copy today!