Alex's Recommendations...

I have found these websites, books, movies and music to be inspiring for myself and humanity:


Achieve Radio is where you can find archives of my previous radio shows, "The Happy Healer."

RainbowLight Creations is the website of my beloved, Amy, who produces movies, books, and movies that awaken the heart, mind, and spirit.

Listen 2 Animals is the website of my good friend, Debbie Johnstone, who has the gift of communicating with our animal companions because our animal friends are very important.

Adam DeArmon is my friend, Adam "Yellowbird", who is a nurturer and healer of the earth, the place that we all call home.

I.A.N.D.S. is the International Association for Near-death Studies, which brings forth awareness and research about near-death and out-of-body experiences. 

    Arizona I.A.N.D.S. Chapter, T.I.E.S. - For those of you who live in Arizona, monthly meetings are held in the Phoenix metropolitan and Tucson areas. Please go to to learn more. 

    If you live elsewhere, visit to find a group near you.

A.R.E. is the Association of Research and Enlightenment, inspired through the readings by Edgar Cayce.  For those of you who live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, visit or contact Betty and John Depuydt at 480.883.3822 to attend their study groups.  If you live elsewhere, click the link above to find a group near you.


Power vs. Force - by Dr. David R. Hawkins

The Hidden Messages in Water - by Dr. Masaru Emoto

Practicing the Power of Now - by Eckhart Tolle


What the BLEEP Do WE Know?


Dalai Lama Renaissance


Dr. Harold Grandstaff Moses

Deva Premal