“To touch the lives of others, to assist them so they can experience a happy, healthy and loving life... there is no greater joy.” 
~Alex J. Hermosillo, Founder


Welcome to Mastery of Energy Healing

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From the moment you are born to the present, your body and mind stores a complete record of information about you (called ‘Cell Memory’). Every experience of joy, gratitude, contentment and peace of mind is within you. Also within you are the energies and memories of heartbreaks, grief, judgment, and fear.

Alex J. Hermosillo is the founder of Mastery of Energy Healing. M.E.H. is a gentle, non-invasive energy healing technique that assists individuals in releasing the energies and memories of unserving thoughts, emotions, and patterns that cause illness. Through this releasing process, they experience a release of anxiety, stress, worries, fear, confusion, aches, pains, and disease allowing greater clarity, peace of mind, and relief from symptoms of illness. This simple yet powerful technique allows an individual to heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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Meet Alex

"In the summer of 1996, while visiting a small Mexican border town for business, the Gift of Healing was awakened within me as a woman handed her six-month-old, dying baby girl to me and she spontaneously healed… 
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M.E.H. Can Benefit

Upcoming Classes/Events

Alex says, "Anyone can learn the M.E.H. technique. Every one of us has the ability within to nurture themselves, their loved ones, and others." Empower yourself today with the simple tools Alex gives you in these upcoming events.
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Helpful Tools to Assist You on Your Healing Journey

Alex's book, "A True Story of HOPE, HEALING & MIRACLES" chronicles his inspiring journey of spiritual awakening through a near-death experience, miracle healings, and the presence of angels bringing to himself and others an enlightening way of life.  More info


Begin your healing journey with Alex's guided, "Meditation to Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit: I Now Bring In, I Now Release" CD to release the non-nurturing energies that cause emotional, mental and physical distress so you can have a happy, healthy and loving life!  More info


Upcoming Events


Conscious Life Expo (Los Angeles, CA)

February 19 - 21, 2016 

Alex will be speaking alongside Dr. Eben Alexander, Anita Moorjani, Don Migues Ruiz and other prestigious individuals and researches on health, healing, consciousness and spiruality.  

Come see Alex speak and do group healings!

  • class_participation.jpgWORKSHOP: Friday, February 19th
    "An Evening of Hope, Healing & MIracles - Group Healing"
    Based on Alex's jourey to Heaven through a near-death experience, immersion with the Light, and his on-going Angelic encounters, Alex will share simple practices for connecting to Heaven's LIGHT.  Recommended for anyone dealing with physical emotional or spiritual pain. More Info & Register
  • FREE LECTURE: Saturday, February 20th
    rsz_fotolia_mantunnelligh_31KB_t28325491_xs.jpg"Hope, Healing & Miracles from the Other Side"
    Alex will share his incredible journey to Heaven through a near-death expeirence and how the gift of healing was awakened within him.  Alex's and his clients have seen, heard and felt the presence of angels, loved ones who have passed and other heavenly beings, bringing healing emotionally physically and spirtiually, along with the awareness that we are never alone.  These stories are inspiring and enlightening, which he joyfully shares giving hope, healing and peace to all who seek it. More Info

  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Saturday, February 20th 
    "Spiritual Healing" (In SPANISH)

    Alex will join in a discussion with other panel members about spiritual healing and answer audience questions.  More Info & Register
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Sunday, February 21st 
    "Spiritual Healing" (In ENGLISH)

    Alex will join in a discussion with other panel members about spiritual healing and answer audience questions.  More Info & Register

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Alex_Lecture_TUCSON_14-0927_Web.jpeg"Awaken Your Healing Energies"
Saturday, March 19, 2016 


Lecture & Healing Meditation
Alex was born with the natural gift to help people with their pain with a touch of his hand. In 1997, he was given a second gift through a near-death experience where he gained great wisdom and his healing gift greatly amplified.  Today, he shares what he learned on the other side with You.

Join Alex for this enlightneing and energizing talk in Scottsdale at the Mustang Library Auditorium where he will utilize the energy and information given to him in Heaven that we all have the ability within to nurture and heal ourselves, and teach you how to awaken those energies.  Within each of us is light, that when embraced and supported, expands and amplifies promoting healing emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Come learn a simple, quick and powerful technique that anyone can do for a daily practice to awaken and nurture one's own body, mind and spirit for self-healing and well-being. 

Change your life forever with a simple meditation and tools you will receive during this special event! 

Info and to register

$25 early-bird registration up to 48-hrs before event / $35 at the door



Join Alex for MEH Training Classes 

I offer the Mastery of Energy Healing (M.E.H.) technique to the public. Everyone is born with the gift of healing, and I am here to remind you of the inherent gifts you hold.   M.E.H. is a gentle, non-invasive process that is simple, fast, and effective. Anyone can learn this technique in a one-day class to assist themselves and others, in person or at a distance.

Students come from all walks of life, including artists, teachers, homemakers, nurses, doctors, athletes, and anyone interested in nurturing himself or herself so they may live their fullest potential.  

Alex prepares his students before assisting another in healing.

LEVEL 1 - Saturday, April 30, 2016  - Information and to register
LEVEL 2 - Stay tuned!
LEVEL 3 - Stay tuned!

Stay tuned! 

Sending you Light, Love and Healing!